Acrostic Manifesto: Embrace Life 2018



Remember this girl

you are half sea.

No one ever asks

the ocean to quiet her storm

so why do you keep apologizing for yours?” pavana

In 2018, I will:

Encourage-  My creative spirit through writing and art

Meditate- Pray, visualize, expect the best for my life

Ban- The dreaded bra from my life forever- let the girls live free!

Respect others-  And respond with kindness and love

Appreciate -The abundance in  my life and the people I love

Create- Magic with my words (and thus in the world) through my poetry and stories

Eat- Clean food


Live- With purpose and mindfulness

Ingest- More water, for I AM HALF SEA. (And okay, red wine too)

Free- My mind from judgment and be open to the endless possibilities of life

Embrace life- Hold it with open hands to allow it to show me the way



Linda Lee Lyberg

Posted to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Meet 2018 with a manifesto.






19 Comments on “Acrostic Manifesto: Embrace Life 2018

  1. Cool acrostic on top of excellent and well thought out resolutions. Thank you for taking this prompt seriously. We need laughter but in these harsh times, we need more respect, encouragement, and…letting the girls run free! 😎


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