#Senryu (Triple): Emptiness


Space of emptiness

Peering in the void between


Man’s essence reduced

Single page, short paragraphs


A tentative life

At best, free spirited soul

That was my father



Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s note: I am writing my father’s obituary today. Writing brings me comfort. 


5 Comments on “#Senryu (Triple): Emptiness

  1. Isn’t the power in the process of writing amazing?

    When I wrote the eulogy for my dad a few weeks ago, “An Iterative Tribute to Dad”, I was dumbfounded at not only how cathartic it was, but even more so how much it helped me to better understand my dad… why he was the way he was, why he did the things he did, how much I had actually learned from him without even realizing it. It helped me draw closer to him in spirit than I had been to him for years as we lived our separate lives.

    I struggled immensely to get it started, and almost gave up, but now I am so glad that I persevered. Once I got going, it just flowed and now is one of the pieces I am most proud of.

    May you find as much comfort in your writing as I did in mine.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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