Haibun: Twilight

I sit in the garden at dusk, watching the sky change from turquoise to amber red gold. The silhouettes of the trees are in stark contrast, midnight black against a vivid palette. I take a sip of bold red wine- it’s a cabernet kind of day. Deep, dark, dry and mysterious.
There is a sadness within me for which I have no name. Is it my dear mother, holding my hand from heaven? Or my old soul, yearning again for the playful freedom that the young take for granted?
And then I know, it is love fading into the shadows.

twilight’s solitude
queen of the night blooms stark white
Venus cries cold tears


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Victoria hosts at dVerse haibun Monday and inspires us to write about chijitsu meaning dusk and lingering day.

By Audrey from Central Pennsylvania, USA [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons




20 Comments on “Haibun: Twilight

  1. Linda, this is such a subtly evocative poem, poignant memories and reflection on aging. I think this is a brilliant metaphor:
    it’s a cabernet kind of day. Deep, dark, dry and mysterious.
    Wish I’d written that!

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  2. I love the imagery of the aspects of nature and also of the wine, and the way that the haibun goes from concrete descriptions to something more emotional and ambiguous is wonderful!

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  3. A beautiful haibun, Linda, full of colour and emotion. I especially like ‘it’s a cabernet kind of day. Deep, dark, dry and mysterious’.The haiku is the crowning glory!

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