Fried Squirrel in Disguise

My sister and I sat down to supper
looking at our plates we asked
what is this mom?
Fried squirrel, now eat,
do you need some sweet butter?

Now, we loved squirrel for it was delicious
it tasted like southern fried chicken
and mama could cook it real good
she made it crispy, brown, and finger lickin’.


We took our first bite
and almost gagged
and said to mama in plaintive unison
this doesn’t taste like fried squirrel
mama- it tastes nasty and gruesome!


Mama said you kids
now, shut up and eat
so we did our very best
but there was no way
we could eat that meat.


We stood our ground and said,
it’s disgusting mom
you take a taste and you’ll see
this is no squirrel like we’ve ever had
it tastes yucky gross, and smells like pee.


Mama gave in and none too soon
she let us leave the dinner table
then tried to feed it to our dad
for he had killed this first raccoon.


What mama didn’t know at the time
was that coons have musk sacs
and if you don’t remove them
they taint the coon meat
and then you can’t eat it.


For years and years
we laughed at this
telling mama,
remember the time
when you made us fried squirrel
that tasted and smelled
like a masked raccoon’s piss?



©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Author’s Note: The prompt today is to write a poem retelling a family anecdote. This was one my mother never lived down!

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