#Tanka: History Of Me

Unbound memories

Surrounded by confusion

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Saying Adios, Dad

Vintage movie ending screen

He floated freely through life, with the wind as his companion. Always free, never encumbered.” – Linda Lee Lyberg
Yesterday, I said good-bye to my father for the last time. And although he was never in my life much, there is a new emptiness I can’t decipher. Is it because I have a handful of memories, most of which include me feeling disappointed and him being, well, Bill Polley
Or is it because I forgot a long time ago the sound of his voice as he called my name?

My father was never apologetic for his actions; he lived his life as he saw fit.
In 1972, he saw fit to change his entire name from William Clark Polley to Anthony Joseph Pollizzio. I am still unsure why.

He leaves 4 women behind: myself, as his oldest daughter, my own daughter, my half-sister, and her daughter. We each have our own memories of him. In all our cases, our memories of who he was reflect 4 completely different perspectives of one man. Who, exactly was this man who was my father?
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Goodbye Dad

Of course you’re an artist. You come from a family of artists. I’m an artist, your grandmother was an artist, and so was your grandfather.”My Father
Anthony Joseph Pollizzio 9/3/1926- 9/18/2017
Daddy and Linda

Dad & Me

Dear Friends and Followers-
I received a call this morning that my Dad passed away in his sleep at 9:35CST. I may be indisposed for a few days and since I usually post daily, I wanted you to know.

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Vaudeville theatre
All I have is a torn, grainy photograph of a man I hardly knew.
He was a contortionist in Vaudeville and the photo shows him folded in two like a piece of paper. Folks who knew him told me he could put his head between his legs and get his wallet out of his back pocket with his teeth. I never saw this myself, but that’s his legend.

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Common Life

Dawn in mountains

Common Life

-Linda Lee Lyberg

To love
This common life
Traditional routines
Joy in the simplest of pleasures
Watching the sun rise over the horizon
Walking the dog in the still dawn
Praying to God above
This is the path
To love.
Linda Lee Lyberg