Fade To Grey

infinite time concept. twisted clock faceIt’s amazing how what appears to be the most insignificant moments turn out to be life changing. A series of unconnected events which catapult you into a new, unexplored existence.

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Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Linda Lee Lyberg/Polaroid

To My Dear Followers- Here is my entry into the Writing Prompt Challenge- “Moon Ate The Dark”. I hope you enjoy it!

Brave and Reckless

Easing myself out of bed, I dress with the moon as my sole source of light. Spectral shadows in the deepest corners of the room condemn me for what I am about to do. He tosses and turns as if he knows, but settles once again. I halt, listening for signs he’s sleeping.

Tonight is an evening bright as day for the moon ate the dark when it rose in majestic splendor. Banishing the ebony gloom of night and in it’s wake, a promise of better days. It is the first phase of the waning moon; a time to break bad habits, to end bad relationships.
This house once filled with love, is now an enemy. Someone has violated the sacred sacrament of our love. Invaded not only our home, but our minds, and our bed.

Three months ago, my husband came home from a late night gig in a…

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The Last Joke’s On Me

Chair on empty theatre stageI suppose even the most perfect of fathers have their faults. When I was a child, I couldn’t get enough of the TV show “Leave It To Beaver”. Not having a father, I hoped there were profound words of wisdom I could glean from Ward Cleaver. They were, in my young child’s eyes, the perfect family.

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