#Tanka: Memories


-By Linda Lee Lyberg

Battle scarred spirit
Each remembrance a ribbon

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I Thought


I Thought

-Linda Lee Lyberg

I thought I heard you speak my name
But it was only the billowing wind
Playing its mysterious mind game
Sending my heart cries into a spin

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Saying Adios, Dad

Vintage movie ending screen

He floated freely through life, with the wind as his companion. Always free, never encumbered.” – Linda Lee Lyberg
Yesterday, I said good-bye to my father for the last time. And although he was never in my life much, there is a new emptiness I can’t decipher. Is it because I have a handful of memories, most of which include me feeling disappointed and him being, well, Bill Polley
Or is it because I forgot a long time ago the sound of his voice as he called my name?

My father was never apologetic for his actions; he lived his life as he saw fit.
In 1972, he saw fit to change his entire name from William Clark Polley to Anthony Joseph Pollizzio. I am still unsure why.

He leaves 4 women behind: myself, as his oldest daughter, my own daughter, my half-sister, and her daughter. We each have our own memories of him. In all our cases, our memories of who he was reflect 4 completely different perspectives of one man. Who, exactly was this man who was my father?
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