In Truth

In truth, what is love?
Is it a broken soul pleading for help
locked in a prison they created?
Or a shadowy figure standing in darkness
beckoning to you, yes, come here, to me
Do you give your heart and your light?

And if so, what then?
Will they cherish and feed
your wild gypsy- woman -child spirit
your burning passion that knows no bounds
your purest unconditional love?
Will they stoke your light so it shines so bright?
Or will they be like all who have
come before.
Dampening your yearning, your desires,
and holding your emotions at bay
Chaining your heart to this earth
breaking off your untamed soul’s wings
so you can’t soar above and beyond them?
In truth, what is love?
 ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
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40 Comments on “In Truth

  1. Different interpretation I am sure ~ But in the end, I believe it is a commitment or a decision ~ You stay on, through all the challenges together ~

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  2. I cant tell you how much your poem has moved me. Its deeply evocative and breaks the illusion of “glorified love” which media promotes. In truth love is simply caring about each other. Its to give wings rather than to break the spirit. 💜

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