Quiet Nakedness

Here in my garden, there is peace; there is a quiet stillness. I sit, with pencil and stark white paper, writing. Baring my naked soul for all who read to see. My sorrows, my hopes, my dreams, my downfalls. A butterfly flutters by, landing on the lemon tree. Nearby, a statue of David in all his nude glory, stands sentinel. Venus is here on her pedestal, baring her stark white breasts to the sun. Here, I am unclad; my soul laid open in this sacred sanctuary. For each day I write, I disclose more and more of my true essence. The passion in me roars for acknowledgement, for understanding. Someone to listen and realize, to know me better than I know myself. In this tranquil garden, is the beginning of my true nakedness.

lemon tree with new fruit
Spring buds bring summer’s bounty

rebirth in nature

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


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