The Meeting

Almost 22 years ago, I married a wonderful man. At the time, I worked for a very large company based in Sweden. Anyone care to take a wild guess?
It was my first week back from our honeymoon, and I had an important meeting with a lot of co-workers present.

Fresh faced and happy
returned from a honeymoon
Love written on my face
with no disgrace.
A big room of people
an important meeting
so imagine my shock
when I looked down.



For there, by my chair
on the floor
was a pair
of my
black lace panties.
I scooped them right up,
stuffed them in my purse
and figured the curse
must be
Turning red at first
quite embarrassed
but then feeling silly
I chuckled and grinned
and to my chagrin
I had to explain to them all 
what happened.
Needless to say I saved the boring day
because the seriously ‘important’ gathering
thereafter was filled with everyone’s laughter!

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


43 Comments on “The Meeting

  1. That was a great ice breaker. I’m sure it lightened up the tension of the moment, lol You’ve got guts to play that off. That was funny, though not to you at the time.

    Liked by 1 person

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