The One Truth

“I see today that everyone on earth wants the answer to the same question but none has the language to ask it.” Jim Harrison
I want to ask the moon how many lovers she has had for
I know it must be many with her luminous personality.

I want to ask the mockingbird what did you feel when the hawk
stole your innocent fledgling from the woven nest.
As I heard your eerie keen, I cried a tear and wondered
did you feel regret for its horrible death?


I want to ask the stars how they keep on shining
through the dark and dreary times of a soul-less night.
I want to ask my heart why it keeps on loving.
Is the pain that comes with it a vital part of the pleasure,
can there be the treasured one without the dreaded other?
I don’t know the answers or the language in which to ask
so I’ll pour another glass of the one truth, the wine
wasting away the hours as I contemplate the past
and all the questions left unanswered but forever asked.
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

23 Comments on “The One Truth

  1. Raising a glass with you. Such essential questions; I especially love this one: “Is the pain that comes with it a vital part of the pleasure, can there be the treasured one without the dreaded other?” Passion is passion, after all, isn’t it? A nod to the voice in the opening stanza, as well 😉

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    • Thank you Jill. Odd thing- the mockingbird stanza feels out of place now to me, but it actually happened this morning, and I felt compelled to write about it. Maybe it’s a classic case of ‘kill your darlings’. What do you think?


      • It fits with the Stars stanza after it. Here is the pattern I see: 1. Ask ‘her’ – a very pertinent & personal question for the narrator. 2. Ask the mockingbird – something outside of myself but it is about pain. 3. Ask the stars – again outside of myself & about the pain of loneliness. 4. Ask myself about pain & loneliness – back to the personal.
        These four stanzas are balanced – personal bookends holding the two middle ones together. If you drop the Mockingbird, you lose the balance. We move from the existential musings of those four to the very fatalistic internal musings in the final one.
        I think your instincts were right.

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  2. The opening sets the tone so beautifully for the other questions – and the moon and stars stanzas give a sense of the passage of time to your hours of questioning

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  3. Now that you’ve posed the question, I’m imagining the possibilities!

    I sort of like imagining the moon as a naked, splayed-out virgin who is too hard to get to. 🙂

    Or maybe she’s had thousands to billions of lovers, but more likely just admirers.

    Or maybe a reasonable number, like say, 14.

    Or maybe one, who broke her heart so badly that she hanged herself in the middle of the sky.

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