“The world that used to nurse us now keeps shouting insane instructions.  That’s why I ran to the woods.”– Jim Harrison
‘Separate the children, put them in cages.’
‘I really don’t care, do U?’

The birds have the right idea; live in trees and shit on the world
while the squirrels throw acorns at the stupidity below.


I’m with Harrison, I’m going to run off to the woods, at least there I understand the
cruelty in nature.

 ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note: This is the mood I’m in today so I’m going with it.

18 Comments on “Squirrelly

  1. I don’t know. Cruelty is a human concept and we are the only ones who practice it. We’re very good at separating children from their mothers. I don’t think squirrels ever do that 🙂

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    • I agree with you for the most part. But the other day when I watched that hawk flying away with a baby mockingbird in its mouth as one of its parents gave chase I thought then that nature can be cruel. It’s survival I know, but I shed a tear for the baby and its parents…


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