Sweet Bitter

Love, like the bright moon
waxes and wanes in the breath
of a summer wind
flourishing in all seasons
both barren and abundant

The bright moon, like love
warms and cools in the embrace
a spectral lover
soaking in golden sun’s rays
to shine pure light from within
Moon and love accept
the time for every season’s
reign, and the moment
to surrender or to fight
sweet pleasure or bitter pain

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

18 Comments on “Sweet Bitter

  1. A beautiful comparison between love and the moon…..the changing of seasons…of day to night. Knowing when to reign…and when to slowly fade or suddenly be clouded over and disappear. Well done. So glad you posted to the prompt. The illustration is also very good!

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  2. I like how the moon brings in the rays of the sun, but makes them her own, just as the lover circles within the orbit of her beloved, but emanates a unique spectrum in that push and pull. Lovely, thank you.

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