Soul Fight
“At four in the morning my body bumped against the ceiling” Jim Harrison
The mind conspires with imagination the sense of floating in mid-air
traveling to the stars and beyond, amidst the ethered spheres.

In the twilight drifting off into a hypnotic sleep,
the soul takes over to soar through the sky
for I’m seeking my love tonight.

As I float I go to him watching him sing and play
wishing to caress his worn and weathered face,
hold him tight until his demons abstain,
give up their soul-less fight and go on their way.

But then with a sudden jerk in my soul,
my conscious mind comes through,
and tries to convince me I can’t fly,
for a mere human cannot soar in an ebony sky.

My soul puts up a fight and refuses to give in,
for the soul is the one in charge tonight
and the one who will ultimately win.
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

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