Middle Watch

And in the middle watch hours, Loneliness cries out your name
as I reach for the cold pillow where your head once lay.

Your voice I dread, for it haunts my thoughts
I cannot bear to bring to the fore,
for fear the heartache overtakes and breaks.


So Sadness comes to call, dressed in her mourning clothes
dragging along her sisters, Anguish and Grief
and so they sit, lingering…
for they know it won’t be long until the thief appears.


Too soon, the wait is over as she flies in on a raven’s wings,
Misery comes a calling, carrying her burden of shimmering tears
and with them all surrounding, Loneliness is relieved.


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

Jilly is hosting d’Verse and asks that we write of Things Unseen.

21 Comments on “Middle Watch

  1. Loneliness relieved by… (wait for it)… MISERY???!!! Alas, that seems to be the true order of thangs. lovely poem, I had one of those Middle Watch nights last night, relating to this one all too much. Hey, Bjorn also wrote about Loneliness, we need to get these two poems together. 😉 Really, this one strikes spot on. Thank you.

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