Dear fellow bloggers and readers, 

On our regular morning walk today, my little dog was attacked by a dog that broke free from its owner. In the process, I tried to break up the fight and get him into my arms, lost balance, and fell into the street.
I’m banged up and bruised but Thank God, no broken bones. Ricky Bobby aka Bubba, is now at the vet’s being prepped for surgery. He has several bites due to his fierce determination to protect me. If you’ve read my blog, you’ve heard of this little guy. He means the world to me.
You are all such wonderful people, and I am asking you to please say a prayer, send light and love, whatever positive vibes you believe in to my little guy.
He’s 13, but I’m not ready to lose him.
Praying for the best, Linda



55 Comments on “Prayers

  1. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beloved Bubba, I would be so crushed beyond words if something happened to my babies. He’s got a fighting heart and loves you so much to protect you. Praying for you!

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  2. My Dear Linda, I’m so very sorry to hear about Bubba and what happened to him and also your fall (happy you are not injured)! Will be keeping Bubba and you both in my thoughts and prayers and hope for the very best outcome!!!

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