Haibun: The Walk

These days, it’s a short walk at best. After the attack, he nor I much care for venturing too far from home. At first, when the memory stayed with him, he would go out, do his business immediately, and then want to return home. I didn’t fight it; I couldn’t get the memory out of my mind either. This went on for a few days but after some time passed, I coaxed him to at least walk around our block.

This morning we step out into the crisp morning air. There is a cool breeze, enough to chill the skin but not enough for a sweater. I look up as a flock of pigeons take flight overhead, their gray silhouettes against the brilliant turquoise sky. I marvel at how silent their journey is. The lovebirds chattering on the feeders in our yard fades as we walk further from home. A few doors down, a neighbor’s tiger-striped cat jumps out at us from behind a bush. He’s quite brazen that cat, no fear of the dog. We give him a wide berth, and move on.

Rounding the corner, a terrier peeks his nose out from a gap in the block wall, and starts yapping. It’s the same greeting every morning. Is he jealous because he never gets to venture beyond those stone walls?
We step off the sidewalk into the street and continue on what we hope will be an uneventful journey. Me walking, deep in thoughts of my writing, the dog stopping to mark the occasional plant with his scent. Yet, both of us are hyper aware of our surroundings.
Pain can do that.
Two more corners to go, and back home.

rounding the corner
does danger lurk round the bend
a few more steps, safe

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: On August 21, my little dog was attacked by another dog while on our morning walk. I first wrote about it here: Prayers
We are all healed now, but the memories stay with us.

20 Comments on “Haibun: The Walk

  1. it is a natural instinct to be afraid to venture out again, I am glad you both are slowly getting back out there, really liked all your sights and thoughts along the way Linda. i could imagine every one a special little story in your heart

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