Trusting Love

Here I sit years later, still trusting love will prevail
yet the things I see in this world it appears to no avail

For war and hate still rise like acrid bile into the throats of those who fail
to understand…
given all we’ve already lost, we only wish for peace
and to lend a helping hand…

And if love is not the answer, what is?


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Author’s Note: Amaya has asked us to take a poem from our archives written on 9/11 and either rework it or use a line to draw inspiration. I had three from last year, my first year of blogging. One was an Elfje titled Hope. I used a line from it- ‘Trusting love will prevail’ to write this. 

17 Comments on “Trusting Love

  1. if only more had these tenets for life, how much would we accomplish as a species. love and peace that follows, a world we want for our future generation, i want to help build that too

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