Signs of Rain

The Rain is Coming BW Sepia
Ponderous gray steel sky,
birds flocking to feeders for fuel
foretelling that a storm is coming
as a stillness falls and the air is cool

Slate clouds hang low and heavy
longing to be free of their burden
yearning to give back to the desert
bringing color to the baked dry earth

Saguaros no longer fat and plump
for they’ve used all their water reserves
the wildflowers gone, now dried and rustling
spreading their seed in the desert winds

Though there are signs that rain is soon
the clouds have yet to burst open, spew forth
so the land waits with hope and impatience
Praying for the evening monsoon…
coming with the waxing of the Harvest moon



©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

41 Comments on “Signs of Rain

  1. Beautiful. We read those signs, but so does the earth! I love this personification:
    “. . . the land waits with hope and impatience
    Praying for the evening monsoon.”

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  2. Having spent my life in the Midwest where rains are frequent and welcome, I found your poem to describe the desert exactly as I pictured it … impatiently longing for rain. Good write!

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  3. Love this…brought me back to when I lived in AZ and monsoon season would arrive…not only was the rain anticipated but the skies were some of the most beautiful ever seen when the storms were gathering. Nicely penned.

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  4. I love the anticipation in the second stanza and the way your words gently unfold the scene. In some places, we can really take rain for granted.

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  5. I know this thirsty irony you have caught so well, to have signs of rain, and yet no rain comes. (I grew up in Utah). Now as an AL girl when we have signs of rain we have, well… rain. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I agree with other comments about how your words draw out the desperate expectancy. 🌵

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