Saudade lurks in shadows dancing
caressing this barren heart with icy fingers
searing hot tears scalding cold cheeks
and I am alone in this storm of grief

The rain it falls, it falls, it falls leaving an emptiness in its wake
drowning in the face of the fear…
and the why, why, whys of a senseless fate…my soul aches


You left much too soon, without saying farewell
as I long to hear your voice, or the softest sigh
I love you…unsaid
hangs in dank air- choking my throat
for forever I’ll be saying this long good bye


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note:  Saudade. (Portuguese) A deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone who one loves.

39 Comments on “Saudade

  1. Oh my goodness this is heart-breaking. Thank you for sharing such a vivid image of deep grief; I can’t imagine how hard this must have been to write, but sometimes that helps somehow. Take care, dear.

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