Haibun: February Rain

On the night it happened, we were living apart; he in the home we once shared and I in a little bungalow not far away. Separated after almost 7 years of marriage. For ten months, he begged me to come home and I refused. I asked him to see someone, get help and only then would I reconsider.

It’s a cold winter night after 3 AM and my phone is ringing. Another late night call, begging me to come over, to talk, to cook him something after his gig. I had gone to him many times before, I still loved him, but this time I didn’t. Why, I don’t know, but God must have seen what was coming.

Would I be here writing this now if I had gone or would he have taken me with him? Or even worse, would he have done it in front of me, scarring my soul forever?

Still, I’m altered, changed, different and will be for the rest of my life.
February rain
one heart no longer beating
one left to wonder

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

D’Verse: Haibun Monday: Transitions

40 Comments on “Haibun: February Rain

  1. Oh, I am rather speechless after reading about it — it’s a harrowing experience — I understand how it must have changed you. Your words also denote that.
    Powerful narration!

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  2. Oh, wow! I can see how this could mark your life–before and after–and all the ifs. How could it not? Thank you for sharing this intense and personal story with us, and I’m sorry you had to go through it. Your haiku is lovely and sad.

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  3. you are a survivor Linda. your words gives strength and also draws strength back to you. asking why never helps, we can never know what happens in those last few minutes or seconds, or if choices could make things different, all we must know is there is peace afterwards. you are special Linda.

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  4. What an experience for you and yes, sometimes we do wonder about our choices. Good for you to move on, and perhaps spare you witnessing such a tragedy.

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  5. Very sorry a kind soul like you had to go through this painful incident. Events like this leave scars that may heal but always remain. Bless you my dear friend. May the light always keep you away from harm.

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