Velvet Dream


Once upon a velvet dream flying free among the clouds,
there was an opal woman-child who… now beguiled
was given wings to float among the pearly butterflies

She flew near and far, even among the twinkling stars
alighting on a silvery moon searching for life’s meaning
but, stars and crescent moon guarded their sacred secrets
banishing her…they sent her to the fiery planet Venus


Venus to her delight was not what she’d heard
for on Earth where she was from
there were stories of a scorching hot world
but when she landed the planet sighed
released, and unfurled a blooming rose
as soft as velvet, white as a rock dove
and at last the opal woman-child
knew the meaning of life was love

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

D’Verse Poetics: Stock Phrases

Author’s NoteLillian is hosting d’Verse Poetics and has asked us to begin a poem with the phrase Once upon a…

This is my fanciful take on the prompt.


16 Comments on “Velvet Dream

  1. how lovely that she discovered Venus to be a welcoming place and not fiery, maybe love is like that after all? mythical and endearing tale.

    Liked by 1 person

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