My Mother, A Rose


Burnished veil of gossamer light
floats into the ancient garden
come bright morning’s dawn
Venus blushes with the single rose

David strikes a majestic pose
a stone sentinel in Autumn’s light
watching o’er every bursting bloom
guarding the gathering honeybees
and the birth of Monarch butterflies
Rio Sambas are my gone mother
her sweet spirit lives in woody stems
for she tended them with loving hands
Back then her body, aged and bent
plunged bare fingers into wet earth
and now there she is forever planted
our matriarch is a thorny velvet rose
And thereafter every Spring and Fall,
when changing colors of season looms
then her spirit’s rebirth heeds the call
and manifests into the vibrant blooms

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: The photo is a shot of a small portion of my garden. My mother lived with us the last 8 years of her life and helped bring a bit of Texas to the desert here in Arizona. The Rio Samba was her favorite roses, known for hardiness and for their changing color blooms from bright yellow to blush to the deep pink you see in the photo.  

d’Verse MTB: Creating Metaphor

29 Comments on “My Mother, A Rose

  1. FLoWeRS oF LoVE
    Never Growing
    Old to Touch A
    heART SoUL
    BirthS On
    oF FlesH and Blood..:)
    i Have A Statue of Apollo
    Instead of David Inherited
    From my Father And Stepmother
    Along With Hebes the Goddess of
    Youth.. Only Bust Up For Apollo
    As HiStory
    As Kind
    to Apollo..
    SMILes but
    True All That
    Counts is Who Comes Back to LiFE.. NoW..
    SMiLes.. They Continue to LivE oN… A FilE CaBiNet NoW..:)

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  2. Reminds me of the many myths and fairy tales where flowers grow on the graves of lovers and loved ones becoming vehicles for their spirits to return and bless the survivors. Lovely lineage you’ve evoked here in more ways than one – just what metaphor is designed to do!

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  3. Beautiful garden. Reminds me of the Jasmine Hill garden near Montgomery, AL which are now, sadly, no longer open to the public. I think I detect more Charm than Chaos in that garden 😉
    We live on through our loves, and she lives on with such beauty that you have captured in the art and life surrounding the roses. Love especially the alternating rhymes in the last stanza, such a gorgeous frame. (I was also glad to hear of the monarchs, keep the milkweed going, they NEED it – Mine this prompt is about monarchs. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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