evening comes

wrapped in sea fog

tied with webs                                     © Jane Reichhold

distant ocean waves muffled-

the full moon a murky orb            ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

evening sea fog

descending into sun-dried grass

sweaty lovers                                    © Jane Reichhold

nestled in a warm cocoon-

wrapped in silken arms and legs    ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


From Kristjaan : Today I have chosen two nice haiku by Jane Reichhold taken from her “A Dictionary of Haiku” section Autumn, subsection Celestial. The challenge today is to create a short renga with the given haiku, both themed “evening”, with a maximum of eight stanza and at least four stanza.

Come join us at Carpe Diem #1541 Late Autumn Evening (modern kigo)


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