In My Garden

Mexican Sunflower and Milkweed


In my garden, I meditate to the sound of buzzing bees while Venus watches over me

Lizards scurry on gray brick walls, chasing one another, while tiny hatchings explore with their sisters and brothers

The roses are blooming now, and they remind me of my mother, for she is here in the crisp cool air, floating free everywhere

The desert milkweed is chest high, waiting for the butterflies, laying eggs, bearing caterpillars who will leave plants stripped bare,

But not before wispy seed pods burst, take flight into the Autumn air

And there, hanging by a delicate thread, a chrysalis on a stone, the first one seen of this season, swaying in the soft breeze

Life moves on and time slows, here in my garden of peace

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

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22 Comments on “In My Garden

  1. Hi Linda ~~ You have a pretty blog. I love to watch the lizards chasing. I feel bad when I find a dead one that I’ve pinched in the door. Thanks for peeking in on my rides. I wish I still had a Vespa. My picture I took at the National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa. I already have one toy Vespa, a to-scale cast iron ir I’d have bought one of theirs.

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