Come to the River

Come to the flowing river, she said
I’ll show you the luminous pearl moon
while you feast your eyes on twinkling stars,
the warm lapping water will kiss my pink toes
as my heart drums love’s melody on my pulsing throat

–And here in blue steel shadows, I’ll shed my summer dress–

Please stay the course I beg you, don’t move, do nothing but see
while I slip into the silky depths, feeling the gentle liquid caress
my slick naked skin, I moan drifting further away floating free
for I will never be yours and you who holds my heart, not mine
all we’ll ever have are–what if–memories under a nascent moonlit sky

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poetics: Water ,Water Everywhere

45 Comments on “Come to the River

  1. I am liking the puente form Linda. How sad and tragic that the two can’t be together but hold only the memories under a nascent moonlit sky.

    Thanks for hosting our Poetics today.

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  2. ‘for I will never be yours and you who holds my heart, not mine’

    That line has such an air of Yeats about it! Lovely. I don’t know this form, I’ll have to investigate it.

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  3. I got a little lost midst the slippery sensuality. What course is this fellow staying? He holds your heart but not your body? Your imagery is vivid and lively. Sorry to be so dense.

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  4. The line “as my heart drums love’s melody on my pulsing throat” strikes me where I stand. I can feel what you are describing, thinking back on the glory days when I first fell in love.

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  5. Lyrical and lovely. There’s nothing like skinny-dipping on a summer night. I hadn’t read yours before writing mine, but our poems might have met, once upon a time.

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  6. There is ever the rites of Dionysus in the nightside tryst — a masked masque both tristia and hilaria, drama and comedy — this is so faithful to the water-vein of anonymous abandonment … well done …

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