To Be A Dandelion

“I have been thinking about living like the lilies that blow in the fields.”- Lilies, by Mary Oliver

I have been thinking I’d like to be a dandelion that has no home
roaming free on the sultry breeze until I find some fertile loam

And when I land in a soft emerald pasture, I’ll take root and stay
spending my days as an innocent child, joyous and amazed

I’ll raise my bright lemon face to meet the healing light,
I’ll let the bees gather golden pollen as they swarm and dive

I’ll watch the peacock butterflies flit from bloom to bloom
tasting the brilliant jeweled wildflowers, gone all too soon

But me I’ll still be standing in the hot sun, changing and
rearranging into a luminous white capped one

One day a summer gust will come, and my seeds will ascend
and I’ll float with an air of laissez-faire on the mysterious wind,
until I find a place to play and spread my thirsty roots again

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: Open a Book Day 10

36 Comments on “To Be A Dandelion

  1. Oh I love this one, Linda. I’ve had a love affair with Dandelions and Violets since very early childhood. I saw a white hatted Dandelion last week in a flower bed full of roses and other flowers. Some gardener let it live for us kids.BTW, I saw your check-in at NaProWriMo below me, about 2 hours ahead.

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  2. I honestly don’t know why some people hate dandelions so much. I’d rather have a lawn full of dandelions and clover than just grass any day.

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  3. Oh gosh this is utterly beautiful, Linda! 😀 Especially adore; “I’ll watch the peacock butterflies flit from bloom to bloom tasting the brilliant jeweled wildflowers.”❤️

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  4. Hooray for dandelions! I’ve loved them since childhood too. And now they are very important, being also loved by the bees, whom we must try to prevent from going extinct.

    Your lovely poem has a very Mary Oliver touch about it. 🙂

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