Theory of Love

Wikimedia Commons

Where is love today?
Withering away
Holding hearts at bay
Emotions blur, grey
Intimacy sways
When one is betrayed

Commitment decays
Souls become dismayed
Burning in the fray
Nothing left but pray
Withering away
Where is love today?

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poetics: Theories of Everything and Anything

50 Comments on “Theory of Love

  1. I’m struggling with the lai but you’ve written this one seamlessly, Linda! Could it be that people today are afraid of love, of commitment; they don’t seem to have the staying power, which is seriously sad. I think a lot of that stems from examples given by people in the public eye.

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  2. “Compassion
    Withering away”

    “Nothing left but pray

    Your poem is clever because of the line breaks – there is an undertow of hope in this bare faced look at love

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  3. I like poems that ask good questions – and yours is one. And not just questions without good reasons for asking the question in the first place.

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  4. We all need compassion and kindness from each other. Thank you for the reminder Linda. You are rocking the form, smiles.

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  5. I see the personal relational love in family…in old friendships.
    What I bemoan is the apparent demise of compassion in the us-them language and policies of today’s “leaders.”

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