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That Which Fades From Sight

Is it black or whitethat which fades from sightBetweenwhat is wrong or rightcloaked in graphite nightUnseenbut in crystal lighttempting with delight Enraged lovers fightrun away in spitea screamwhen passion holds tightovertakes with mightextremethat which fades from sightIs it black or white dVerse Poets Pub:… Continue Reading “That Which Fades From Sight”

Theory of Love

Where is love today?Withering awayPassionHolding hearts at bayEmotions blur, greyAshenIntimacy swaysWhen one is betrayed Commitment decaysSouls become dismayedCrashingBurning in the frayNothing left but prayPassionWithering awayWhere is love today? dVerse Poetics: Theories of Everything and Anything

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