Come to Me

Have you seen the shimmering rain in moonlight
how it trembles with pain in dazzling moonlight?

Bright stars still shine high in the blue-black sky
despite the brilliant reign of swollen moon’s light

In this fragrant field tonight I want to see
desire in your eyes, hot flames in cold moonlight

Then through the drizzling rain, your deep voice whispers
a plea, ‘Come to me again in our moon’s light’

Following my heart to the place I call home
I see you, my swain in silvery moonlight

I am Linda, ardent lover forever
I kiss your lips, go insane in stark moonlight

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poetry Form: Ghazal

Poets United Midweek Motif: Light

41 Comments on “Come to Me

  1. Excellent word choices – as one progresses through the stages of this love letter, and the climactic couplet is so fulfilling of the promises made in the early stanzas. How poignant that your name means “beautiful” and how charged when lying beside “ardent”, “kiss”, “insane” and “stark” with each having an ocean of connotations. The depth of this poem is palpable!

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    • Thank you so much Gay. I almost used the meaning of my name as opposed to my actual name. What are your thoughts on changing it?


  2. This is an invitation to passion and sizzling romance under the stark moonlight. I specially love this part:

    desire in your eyes, hot flames in cold moonlight

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  3. I love the way you’ve used a question to lead me through the moonlight, Linda, and the different kinds of moonlight: dazzling, swollen, cold, silvery and stark, and full of insane romance

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  4. In this fragrant field tonight I want to see
    desire in your eyes, hot flames in cold moonlight

    I like the contrast between hot and cold throughout this poem. It flows really well, too.

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  5. La Luna, indeed. You aced the form. Some of you out here use the repeated word in both lines of the first couplet; lots to learn about this form.

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