Tag: Ghazal

Tender Release

I offer you in darkest of days a sweet tender releaseguiding you through the murky haze to a tender release When the golden orb shines with its brilliant raysin summer’s dog days, we pray for tender release And should I utter gentle words of… Continue Reading “Tender Release”

Come to Me

Have you seen the shimmering rain in moonlighthow it trembles with pain in dazzling moonlight? Bright stars still shine high in the blue-black skydespite the brilliant reign of swollen moon’s light In this fragrant field tonight I want to seedesire in your eyes, hot… Continue Reading “Come to Me”

Within My Arms

Oh, beloved please abide within my arms you are safe and secure so lie, within my arms.   Come ride the turbulent wind inside of me throw caution aside and be, within my arms.

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