Tender Release

I offer you in darkest of days a sweet tender release
guiding you through the murky haze to a tender release

When the golden orb shines with its brilliant rays
in summer’s dog days, we pray for tender release

And should I utter gentle words of praise, do they
Set your soul ablaze, yearning for tender release?

When we sleep to the lulling song of lapping waves
does the ocean’s pull amaze, and offer a tender release?

If the blue moon and whispering stars capture your gaze,
do you think of my beautiful face, recall our tender release?

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets: Poetry Form: Ghazal

19 Comments on “Tender Release

  1. I’ve read this three times now. I want to start by saying it’s a very finely written poem and it conforms to the structure of the ghazal; your word choices make it musical. It sounds even more musical and poetic read aloud. The first time I read it, that’s what I heard but the second time I read it, I thought “I don’t know what this is about”. So I carefully explicated each couplet and realized that, even though the meaning on first read is somewhat ambiguous, careful reading gives one a different meaning to “tender release” in each case and each meaning changes or can be said to change in each instance. This is not only beautiful but deeply poetic. Well done!

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  2. You have mastered the form with such a range of wow words. I seem to recall when ghazals were spoken out in Pakistan there was a murmuring of wawa when a combination of images and sounds came together. That’s why I think it’s great to listen to rather than read. Great idea to have a sound track!

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