Mysterious Nature

Mysteries within the chrysalis of the transformations that go on within
Pieces of a puzzle falling together as a caterpillar shifts and the butterfly begins

What does the caterpillar think while she’s undergoing such an amazing change
Does she know her life is going to be forever altered and re-arranged?

And once the colorful butterfly emerges and begins to soar
Does she have any memory of her earth bound life before?

One of the glorious miracles in our amazing nature world
when a furry caterpillar becomes a butterfly with wings unfurled

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Willow Poetry: What Do You See?

18 Comments on “Mysterious Nature

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  2. This is delightful, I love the question and wonder too if there is a memory or consciousness of this process. Thank you Linda.

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  4. I must say that I too have often wondered what she thinks, and I reflect on my own process. Such an invitation to reflection Linda.

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