Contemplation on a Spring Morn

My Two Loves

A man and his dog, hearts fierce and strong
sit in contemplation on a gorgeous morn
while shadows play across each face
as they enjoy this magnificent day

The dog content to be by his side,
the man grateful for all in his life
Weathered hands that can create
beautiful works of art, and yet caress
my tender heart with incredible grace

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Weekend Mini challenge Portraiture

Poets United Poetry Pantry #481

41 Comments on “Contemplation on a Spring Morn

  1. I love the look on the dog’s face, Linda, so serious and defiant! The relationship between human and canine is a joy to witness – and to portray

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  2. Loving this, Linda. My Adi Beagle Dog and I were a registered pet therapy team. I miss Adi, many here had known her. You can search my blog for her. Best dog ever.

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