Come Walk With Me

My Wildflower Garden- Mesa, AZ

Come walk with me through the garden
find a place to rest, let’s contemplate
the miracle of these humble seeds
How brilliant flowers can grow
from a tiny dried pod
teeming with life
once its buried in sod

Plant your bare feet in the earth
feel mother’s spirit move through
as worms tickle your toes
Close your eyes and bury your nose
in velvety fragrant petals of the pink rose

Brush your fingers through lavender spikes,
let their perfume stir the air
and heal your soul in restful dreams
where you have no cares

Stay with me in the garden
for here you will find your peace
feeling close to nature’s creator
your anxious heart will be appeased.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

June 6,2019

Poets United: Midweek Motif Gardens

27 Comments on “Come Walk With Me

  1. What a glorious garden you have! Takes me back to my years of tending a big garden. This year, I am gaining much pleasure from potted blooms on my balcony. Especially loved the birdsong and the glimpse of your pup!

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  2. There is something about touching the earth with bare feet, I find it so grounding. Thank you for the feast of such a wonderful garden experience in your video, so nourishing.

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  3. What a feeling of nostalgia I had reading this and the several gardens my wife and I had in our time together. Absolutely beautiful.

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  4. Your garden is lovely and inviting. And the poem beautiful with imagery that feeds all senses. I took a deep breath as I read, and felt the calmness in your writing.

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  5. Awesome post, Linda! Makes me want to set an appointment! Ha! A garden retreat is surely a great place to find peace, insight and inspiration!!! Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!!

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