Waltz of Nature

When the world weighs heavy on this tender heart,
I get out in glorious nature and take a walk
to feel the warm sun upon my wrinkled face,
to marvel at the majesty of graceful trees,
swaying in an elegant waltz with the summer breeze

I hear the soothing trill of doves perched among the leaves
chasing elusive shade throughout the sweltering day
as they rest, take a break from the scorching heat
I continue my stroll, to find the balance I seek

With each footstep, my worries become lighter
I find myself smiling at the happy brilliant flowers
and marvel how they stand tall in daybreak’s hours
never faltering or worrying about anything at all

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Poets United: Midweek Motif -Walk

34 Comments on “Waltz of Nature

  1. How wonderful that you have a lovely garden in which to walk. I too get out into nature to walk and forget my troubles. But you know, sometimes, the troubles are too much to bear.

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  2. Yes, humans have made life so complicated that it has become their ruin but are too blind to see it. Perhaps I’ll come back as a flower next time, but sadly I won’t know it as I’ll only have one job to do and that is attract to fertilizers and produce offspring.while sitting in the dirt!

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