The Extinction of God

If every clock in the world
began moving backwards
would time cease to exist
would night become day?

If almighty God should expire
and he is the root of all love
would love too expire
and hate rule our days?

Is God extinct today?

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: I am a card carrying starry – eyed optimist, but there are times I explore extreme situations and think about the questions that come. And while I do not believe God is extinct, I yearn for more compassion and love in this world.

I am hosting at dVerse today and we are writing a Quadrille, which is exactly 44 words, excluding the title. Do come join in!

54 Comments on “The Extinction of God

  1. This strikes at the heart of one’s belief and faith. For me its living and putting into action one’s beliefs and faith that works for me. My answer is no.

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    • I hope with all my heart that is not true. I would hope that humans some are exercising their free will towards hatred as opposed to love and God is not dead, merely waiting for the inevitable downfall.


  2. …and the Christians in the coliseum all those years ago must have questioned the same. Yet still we cling to hope.

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  3. That’s a profound question Linda….and I’ve never been sure where the spiritual side of me exists… in the nature of existence that surrounds me… or in the universe beyond……… xx

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  4. To me God is equal to kindness, compassion and love…no, he’s not dead quite yet. There is still some goodness in the world. I try to concentrate on those things rather than the negative. Thanks for a thought-provoking write, Linda.

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  5. Interesting meditation Linda. I’d say god is no more or less present than ever was the case. Given there is no empirical evidence, it depends on one’s belief.

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  6. This is an interesting “think” piece. God can not die or He would not be God. I am looking forward to being with Him in heaven, but I have a hard time grasping the concept of eternity. I doubt that we will think of time in the same way there as we do on earth.

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  7. No, I don’t think so. Adding to Beverley’s comment about the Christians in the Coliseum, I imagine Christians on both sides of WWI & WWII must have asked the same question. My late father was born in Britain during WW! and told me stories of how his parents thought that was the start of the world ending. The future has looked bleak before. I have faith that God does exist and he will swing the pendulum back to normality again.

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