The Life of Crystal Blue Coyote

Image by Janet Meyer from Pixabay 

I am Crystal Blue coyote, running through the arroyos
chasing my mystic dreams with wary golden eyes
My world is this resplendent varied desert
for every season brings what I need to survive.

Spring paints the desert floor with wildflowers
I lie among them listening to honey bees
and delight in the sun glistening on butterfly wings
while high in the sprawling mesquite,
the curve billed thrasher sings
a haunting melody soothing and serene.

Summer comes rushing in with its searing heat
as the sun beats down parching my homeland
Palo Verde weep, releasing their last golden blooms
leaving only the stalwart cacti to thrive
while jack rabbits and cottontails hide in their shade
nibbling on the moist thorny flesh to stay alive.

At the end of summer comes the monsoons
warring and raging across the dying desert
I shelter in a rocky enclave to wait out the storm
From my cave-like space, I watch dust typhoons
dancing and praying for rain, and at last it comes
the rains pour from a tempest sky, flooding home.

With autumn comes spectacular sunsets
in reds, oranges, purples and hot pink
an artist’s rendering splashed on the horizon
mixing the colors against a sky of aquamarine
As I watch the vastness moving, changing,
I believe in a supreme being, one greater than me.

Winter in higher country brings intricate flakes
to the mountains surrounding the low desert
bathing them in an ethereal white glow
I venture from home, yearning to run, to play
And leave my pawprints on pristine ground
for others to find and follow on this cold winter day.

And though some men regard me with disdain
for I am an adept scavenger and wily coyote
In many ways I am blessed more than them for I
have the heart and soul to respect the beauty before me.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: For Day 18 of National Poetry Writing Month.

earthweal: Earth Day Challenge

15 Comments on “The Life of Crystal Blue Coyote

  1. An amazing run through the arroyos and the seasons, Linda, beautifully written from the coyote’s point of view. Your poem appeals to all the senses, especially the sounds of bees and the curve billed thrasher and the image of the spectacular autumn sunsets.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved reading about the coyote’s life and especially adore the closing lines – he lives in his habitat with more consciousness than we do in ours. Lovely to see you at earthweal, Linda.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautifully penned from the coyote’s perspective Linda. I especially love
    ‘My world is this resplendent varied desert
    for every season brings what I need to survive.’ 💚

    Liked by 1 person

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