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Six Days of Magic

“The moon seems unaware of night’s dark hitting on the damp warm rain  misguiding owl’s spitting  A thunder light of love raising hearts beating while weather learns more from rain lovers meeting”  ― Munia Khan When she came to the garden each day, a cacophony… Continue Reading “Six Days of Magic”

And Justice for All

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Martin Luther King Jr How dare I, a white woman- presumeTo know how it feels in your black skinAnd walk with fear as a constant companionReviled for your rich heritage some may not understandNot seen for… Continue Reading “And Justice for All”

Things That Die Alone

Alone- Whales beached on a sandy shoreSea turtles caught in nets, no way to escapePolar bears starving, wasting awayRodents imploding from fatal poisonHawks and owls doomed for ingesting themDandelions withering from chemical herbicidesHoneybees dying from lethal insecticidesEarth tainted from leaching pesticidesHumanity amidst Corona’s genocideWe… Continue Reading “Things That Die Alone”

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