#Haibun: Winter Morning

Mesa, AZ

Morning dawns with an icy sculpture in the bird fountain. This oddity happens about once a year here in Mesa when the temperture dips into the low thirties. It is a stark reminder of why we live here as opposed to someplace where it snows.

Most of the Arizona Ash trees in the neighborhood are now stripped of leaves by the brisk cold wind. I pass a neighbor who is cursing the trees- ‘I hate these trees, I hate these trees’, because he has to pick up the detritus. For me, the scattered dry leaves on my morning walk are a joy to walk through; a reminder of life and rebirth.

crispy cold morning

wind whistles through barren trees-

sunshine warms my face

©2022 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: Another crazy week for me and I am playing catch up. I hosted OLN this week, and am sharing a Haibun written for Frank’s Haibun prompt on Monday- Winter.
dVerse Poets Pub: OLN & Haibun Monday

25 Comments on “#Haibun: Winter Morning

  1. Humans that hate leaves that fall from trees are ungrateful inhabitants of a planet whose very same trees continue giving us life. I never knew AZ went below freezing. Pretty picture. Nice to have winter contained to the dimensions of a fountain 🙂

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  2. This is beautiful Linda, int the writing, and the feelings expressed. I have lost touch with that purity of emotion. The Southwest is so magical. If money allowed, I would winter in Sedona. My wife and I used to be invited to display and sell our creations at a juried art show among the red rocks every October. I miss that energy. It is such a perfect complement to the Pac NW energy I enjoy.

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  3. SMiLes Dear
    Linda Lee
    How True it
    Is How Some
    See the Brown
    That Feeds Green
    Sprigs From Winter’s

    Death Fall

    Just Like Wild
    FLoWeRS That
    Somehow Get Called

    Weeds Polka Dotting
    Colors Everywhere in Glee

    Oh Nature Wild i Will Not
    Tame ‘You’ And Hehe ‘They’

    Will Not Tame me
    Either As Wild

    Do Slay
    Fear With

    Play So Much
    Better than Domesticating
    FLoWeRS Wilting Dry At First Blaze Heat..:)

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  4. Wonderful atmosphere, culturally interesting and vivid with your neighbour’s entrance! …a wonderful addition with his mutterings about trees!

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