Amor Amargo (Bitter Love),1986

rain heart

El favo es dulce, mas pica la abeja.”- Spanish Proverb

(He that will not endure the bitter will not live to see the sweet.)

Amor Amargo

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Gone are the days of youth

Reality has crept in

My heart you no longer soothe

To love me now

Is a sin. Read More

Over Exposed

red-wine-heart-248x300“This must stop,” Zara said as she looked at him over the rim of the wine glass. She breathes in, her nose buried, savoring the aroma in the wine glass. The taste on her palate was dark, earthy, with an undertone of oak, and as she exhaled through her ruby lips, a delightful hint of lavender. It must be a French wine, she mused. Zara had to give him this; he knew his wine. Closing her eyes, she let the taste of the red wine engulf her mouth. She had agreed to meet him after much persuasion.

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‘Tis Better?


‘Tis Better?

-Linda Lee Lyberg

They say ’tis better to have

Loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all. Read More

Peaks and Valleys
I love who I’ve been, but I really love who I am becoming.”
My life has changed in the last three months. Where before I was seldom home because I was traveling for work, I now spend most of my days writing, painting, gardening, cooking. Living up to my own truth. I had an epiphany not so long ago when I took a look in the mirror and didn’t know who I was anymore.

Why? What caused my unhappiness and my unrest? Read More


EscapeShe is late,so late. Trying her best not to panic. He hates when she is late. It makes him uncomfortable, angry, distrusting. She does not understand why.
Pulling into the drive, the house is pitch black. A sigh of relief escapes her lips; he must not be here.
Puts the key into the lock, steps in.

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Love,The Final Act: a long time ago

Solitude- Frederic Leighton

Love, The Final Act

– Linda Lee Lyberg

I will miss

Loving you. Read More

Life Lessons

regrets tiny buddhaI have none. Zero, zip, zilch.
Regrets, that is. There are times I wish I had done something different, told my mother I loved her more, asked my dad the pressing questions I now have about my heritage but may never know the answers to, saw someone in their true light as opposed to who I thought they were.
I regret saying that.
I regret I ever fell in love with you.
I regret we ever met.
I regret I let you go.
I regret, I regret, I regret. An endless list if we live our life regretting.

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