butterfly skullThe date, forever inked in crimson on her soul like a tawdry tattoo. November 6, 2012. Election day.
Two hours since the call.
Motorcycle accident, trauma center, broken bones, blow to the head, no helmet. I’m okay, he says.
She does not believe him. She is across the country, twenty-two hundred miles away.

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Circles of Silver

yellow_rose_514073He wants to forget her, but he can’t. She’s everywhere he looks. She’s in the garden talking to the lovebirds. Certain they understood her every word, she spoke to them often. At her desk, writing. Another story to make him cry, or laugh with remembrance of their life. Or one in which her imagination is on overdrive. Cooking in the kitchen with wild abandon. She once created a mix of spices named Wild Abandon, sure she was going to take the culinary world by storm with her concoction. Laying in the hammock, listening to the sounds of the universe surrounding her. She made this house into a shelter for their love but now it is empty and barren without her.

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The Dance


The Dance

-Linda Lee Lyberg

You and I

Swept into this Karmic Dance

of love

Step one, two

Into the arms of the other

Step three, four

Spinning deeper down








Linda Lee Lyberg

It Will Never Last

people-holding-hands-drawing_493207It is my first week at the new job that brought me across the country and away from all things safe and familiar. Yet, I am excited to be starting a new life.
I have a big challenge ahead of me, not the least of which is a new team. They are a seasoned, wise-cracking, east coast crew with a lot more tenure than I.
I am “that woman from Texas” who’s their new boss.

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The World Beneath My Tree

Magnificent Mesquite

Last night I dreamed I was dying. As the world fell away around me, I was free-falling. I thought to myself, so this is what it feels like to die. Dreams of experiencing your own death usually means that big changes are ahead for you. You are moving on to new beginnings and leaving the past behind. This could not be more true than it is today. There was a time not long ago I obsessed over my career; now, I obsess over developing my writing talent.

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The Waystation for Lost Souls

borough of Narberth
Six months after my husband’s death, I move to a small town in Pennsylvania, located on the main line. Narberth is charming and quaint in an old world sense. It immediately reminds me of a town that played a major part in my childhood. Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show was my fantasy of where life was pure and good. Aunt Bea, Sheriff Andy, and Opie were my escape from a life far different from what they portrayed .
My apartment, located on the third floor of a walk up at 280 Haverford Avenue, overlooks the downtown area. It is the perfect place for me to begin the long healing process from his suicide.

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Memories of a Life Together, 2003


Memories of a Life Together

-Linda Lee Lyberg, 2003

Another milestone in our lives,
7 years together.
Loving, Laughing
Screaming, Crying-
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