Melancholia in D Minor

In his hands an ebony melancholia violin
and a forlorn bow with delicacy, captivates 
as it pierces my heart with indigo blue notes
seeking sweet solace, their place of rest
bleeding into the deepest part of my soul
where brassy trumpets never blare or shine
and wistful harpsichord’s music is forever rising
like a lonesome moon in the blackest of nights.

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Real Toads:

Poets United:



Dawn breaks through, the snow

wrapped in a quilt of sunshine

warming mother earth

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Carpe Diem:

White Out

winter whiteout snow-

animals hunkering down

lone grey wolf hunting

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Carpe Diem:

Third Eye Open

Martin Guderna

At first it was to ease the pain, to pen the words that soothed
to write what I was afraid to say to spill my angst onto the page.
And then it became a hungry need, a powerful elixir to feed
my soul, to offer others hope beyond the worldly greed

As I searched for proper words a blessed miracle occurred,
I began to breathe the tiny details of this amazing planet earth
a fragile skimmer dragonfly, the lilting songs of the mockingbird
as I while away the hours watching a new butterfly emerge
I’ve had an epiphany, my third eye open, a spectacular rebirth

Now it is all this that sets my gypsy heart soaring free,
giving of words to humanity, for at last I am being
the truest person I was always meant to be
for if not today, not now… then when?

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads:

dVerse OLN:


cold blood wolf moon
frozen in pewter sky
blast of frosty air whistles through
bare trees
shedding last withered crackling leaves
churning above dirt path
swirling umber

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge:

Cold Winter

frigid winter wind-

fireplace warms cozy kitchen

delicious bean soup

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Carpe Diem:


There is a place
Shed tears become raindrops
Golden sunshine’s gleam never burns
Your face
Dark grief is overcome with joy
Colorful flowers bloom
Fed by fresh rain

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: I’m in a Butterfly Cinquain mood!

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge January 22, 2019

Hello Everyone- Come join the writing prompt challenge at Go Dog Go Cafe!

Go Dog Go Café

Tuesday Writing PromptDevereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray. We hope to offer all of you something that will spark your creativity and willingness to participate.

The prompts are designed to be quick challenges that can be written in 10 to 15minutes,  inspire you creatively, are fun, and get everyone interacting.  Please post your response to the prompt in the comments below and show your fellow posters some love and support.  All members of the Go Dog Go community, including Baristas, are welcome to participate.  Feel free to share this post on your own blogs and/or Facebook.

Today’s prompt:  

Use the word “somewhere” AT LEAST TWO TIMES in a poem


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Mandarin Duck

on the sandy shore

gentle waves tickling webbed toes

male mandarin duck

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Carpe Diem:

Interview on Poets United!

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to announce my interview with Sherry Marr at Poets United. I really enjoyed chatting with Sherry about my life and how I came to be a writer. Be sure to check it out, the link is below!

Poets United:

Happy reading, Linda

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Where Will It End?

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

Blue Madonna tainted, scorned
devoured by the demands of the world
now she’s but a shell weary and worn
a skeleton where once flesh and bone
flourished in the light of sunshine and love

Now hateful words spew forth spilling
blood if skin is not the color of your own
a country divided… the blessed credo
‘Love One Another’ torn apart and
women are not valued for their worth

So Mother Earth sighs from all the abuse
as she’s beaten into a climactic submission
and everyone cries- ‘What’s the use
I’m only one person, what can I do?’
but what we fail to realize is this…
It starts with me and you and you

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Sue Vincent:

Golden Calm

a certain calm
in summer’s passing
                                                 milkweeds release tufts of seed
                                                 floating on the summer breeze
flat seas
with the butterfly’s flight
a certain calm
                                                   thrum of buzzing honey bees
                                                   dawn treads in with light footsteps

the hour silent
before the birds awake
waves on sand
                                                    a sand crab leaves a lone trail
                                                    sea glass glints in golden dawn

© Jane Reichhold                    ©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: This is my response to the weekend meditation at Carpe Diem. We are challenged to write a Tan Renga. A Tan Renga looks like a Tanka, but is written by two poets instead of one poet. It’s a kind of chained poem. I had to create the second stanza of each Tan Renga.

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation:

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