The Wind


The Wind

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Here I bravely stand
Reaching out to give you my hand
To guide me through this unknown land
For you’ve been there, you understand

But my hand falls in silence
And touches only dead air
For your hand that once offered guidance
Is sadly no longer there.

Where are you now when I need you most
What disastrous fate has occurred
At times I feel you’re very close
But my pleas go unheard.


Are you the wind’s whisper
As it blows through the naked trees
And as the wind grows colder and crisper
Will you offer me any reprieve?

Or are you the heated sun
That sits high in the velvet sky
For you were always the one
That warmed me when I cried.


I miss you my dear mother
For you were my true north light
And there will never be another
For you’ve gone from my sight.
Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note: Missing my mother today.



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