Black & Blue & Grey

A clear, blue sky early morning but as we were on our way
we murdered a mourning dove today.
Two flew into the air, one swerved, we missed
but the other slammed into our window.
A vision of feathers flying askew
as an aqueous fluid spews
and the numbed bird

I cry to the vast universe
why did this beautiful bird choose
a violent death in such a daring way?
Was it’s life so meaningless and dismal
that it couldn’t bear to live another day?


There it lay in pale shades of grey
upon the stark hot pavement
while its mate keeps watch nearby
for any signs of movement, of life.


A blue grey sadness enshrouds me
shot through with blades of bitter black
for this poor bird, she’s now alone,
and grieves because her mate is
forever gone
and never
will come
 ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Today’s prompt: we’d like to challenge you to write a poem based on the Plath Poetry Project’s calendar. Simply pick a poem from the calendar, and then write a poem that responds or engages with your chosen Plath poem in some way.
The poem I chose, Apprehensions is located here.

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