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Grief is a Tricky Thing When you least expect it There it is rearing its ugly head Reminding you of the dead. Draining you of your life Laughing at your strife. But when it is gone A seed is planted watered with your tears… Continue Reading “Grief”

Dance With Me, 2006

Dance With Me -Linda Lee Lyberg, 2006 Dance with me as the morning light Creeps unto our bed. Hold me close, caress me dear Be a pillow for my head. Dance with me when I am sad Wipe my blues and tears away Whisper… Continue Reading “Dance With Me, 2006”

The Rose in Repose,1997

The Rose In Repose -Linda Lee Lyberg A lone gypsy rose quietly stood in the dark shadows of the fall Struggling to go on living in the midst of crumbling walls.

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