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Grief is a Tricky Thing When you least expect it There it is rearing its ugly head Reminding you of the dead. Draining you of your life Laughing at your strife. But when it is gone A seed is planted watered with your tears… Continue Reading “Grief”


My thoughts today turned to a beautiful old dog we loved and still love that has passed on. I wrote this shortly after. Dusted it off, polished it up, and thought it was fitting for today’s post. “Once you have had a wonderful dog,… Continue Reading “BEAU”

Altered State

I wrote this back in January and posted it to my FB page and wow, did I get some interesting results. So, here ya go. I have been in an ‘altered state of mind’ since the election results. I don’t mean drowning my sorrows… Continue Reading “Altered State”

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