#Tetractys (Double): Home



-Linda Lee Lyberg

Hope, dream, yearn
Feather in air
Borne along by wind currents to heaven

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Profound Beauty

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.” -Euripides
Last night, we had dinner with old friends we hadn’t seen in a while.
She: A beautiful, boisterous woman who speaks her mind, regardless of who is in the room. Amazing conversationalist. When she asks you a question, she actually listens to your answer with earnestness. Her laughter fills a room with light and hope.
He: Measures his words, his actions, and is cerebral. A teacher, in that he presents his facts in a manner anyone can understand. Intelligent, witty, and a phenomenal cook.
Together: They are fighting his cancer and they are winning. It is a spectacular sight to behold.
The collaboration between the two of them as they fight the enemy who has invaded his body is a graceful dance to witness. Their deep love for each other is palpable as it floats in the air with their back and forth banter. She is the perfect partner in this fight for his life. She will not back down from a fight, and thus, he will not either.

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Let Go

act oneI have let go of my old life. You know the one. The life where I got up earlier than God, rushed,rushed,rushed. Worked all day, and part of the night. Jetted to somewhere different, worked in a different location, a different city. Encountered harshness no matter where I was. There is little chivalry in an airport. Each man or woman fighting for their own space. Seldom reaching out a hand to help. And if you reach out to help, they view you as a suspicious character. Same song, second verse. Rinse and repeat.

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Waiting on DNA


So many people are of mixed heritage; everyone is from somewhere else. “-G. Willow Wilson

In January of 1973, my father changed his name. Not only his first name, but his entire legal name. In the district court of Harris County Texas, the man who was once William Clark Polley became Anthony Joseph Pollizzio. The reason according to court records? ‘The causes which induce him to desire a change of name and to adopt another are: That the name which the applicant desires his name changed to was his grandfather’s name and most of the members of his family are known by the Pollizzio surname, as is the applicant, and that it is for his interest and benefit to change his name and adopt another for the reasons aforesaid.’ The court granted his request.

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My Refuge

Mom never allowed me to go see Daddy once he left me alone in the car to fend for myself. It was then I started visiting a family two houses down from him. Dad had taken me over there from time to time so he could visit with Dr. Snyder aka Jack. His wife, Sarah Jayne took a liking to me, and I became enraptured with the entire family. The happiest times of my childhood occurred there, visiting the Snyder’s.

I told Sarah Jayne about dad leaving me in the car and she in turn told mom. Sarah Jayne offered to allow me to stay with them when I came out, so I could still see dad. Mom agreed.
Sarah Jayne is the kindest person I’ve ever had in my life. She introduced me to the bible and to Jesus. She bought me clothes to wear to Sunday school. She instilled within me the difference between right and wrong. She loved me as if I were her own.
It wasn’t long before I was spending entire summers with the Snyder’s. I loved it there, fantasized about being a permanent part of the family.

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The FlimFlam Man

My dad grew up on the stage in Vaudeville. He was in his parent’s act. At a young age, he was on stage singing a song-“Mush,Mush.” I found this out years later from an old friend of his.

Dad 1


He was a great dancer and jitterbugger. His friend Ralph, told me he went out with dad and 5 other couples, all packed into a ’37 Ford. Dad looked like Tony Curtis and the women all loved him. Hell, everybody loved daddy. He could charm the wings off a butterfly.

He was smart too and funny. Always cracking a corny joke to anyone who would listen long enough for the punch line.

On October 8, 1945, he enlisted in the Army. His records state he was married at the time, but I have yet to find out to whom. I am still researching this.

Mom and Dad married on October 31,1952 in Galveston County, Texas. I know this because I have their marriage license.

He and mom divorced when I was two. A few months before, mom went to run errands and left me with dad. When she came home, she found me outside in a wheelbarrow, playing with something. She moved closer, and couldn’t believe what her baby girl held. There I was, in my diaper sitting in a wheelbarrow playing with a dead owl. It was in that moment she knew the marriage was over, or soon would be. Continue reading